Tuesday, February 26

Annie Leibovitz Respect

Theater 8 @ Crown Jewel

Vogue November 1999, Millennium Special
Cover: Kate, Lauren, Gisele, Iman, Naomi, Stephanie, Amber, Christy, Claudia, Lisa, Paulina, Carolyn, and Patti. Photographer: Annie Leibovitz
Editorial Photographed by Annie Leibovitz

Japanese streetwear label, Theater8, hooks up with Crown Jewel and Annie Leibovitz for a series of tees, well, of course, available only in Japan. Since I won't be able to rock the tees, I pulled one of my favorite issues of Vogue for a Leibovitz celebration of my own.

Theater8 Images:
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  1. This editorial is stunning, I had never seen it. How I miss the fresh-faced, brunette Kate Moss!