Wednesday, April 16

It's Seasonal

Classic Armani

Classic Sander

Spring/Summer..a while back

Winter 2003

Spring/Summer 2007

Winter 2007

Each season a photo stands out for one reason or another. You dare to rip it out of the magazine you found it and carry it everywhere you go or hang it on the inside of your closet. You see it everyday and it shapes your wardrobe in the months and years to follow. These photos inspire my style every season.


  1. the swishy silk/satin pajama/pantsuit, looks like mcmenamy, even from the back. i ilke that picture very much.
    and beneath that, the "nude study" (is that harlow?). love when white or nude are worn exclusively.

  2. it is mcmenamy! that picture really shows how lush navy can be. I think 'nude study' was one of shalom's first editorials. it's just a classic look.