Tuesday, May 20

Sassy July 1989

Issue: Sassy 1989
Robert Downey, Jr. photographed by Mark Hanauer
Editorial: Lived-In Looks Photographed by: Steven White
Fashion Editor: Catherine Raphaely

I've seen Ironman twice, so I was attracted to Sassy's 17th issue with the then 23 year old Robert Downey, Jr. on the cover. Inside the above hazy summer spread caught my eye, and instantly I was reminded of various Spring/Summer 2008 collections: Vena Cava, Lanvin, Calvin Klein, Hermes, Dsquared, and Phillip Lim.

Another flashback thought.....the beautiful braid is still a summer classic.


  1. Hello, I cannot believe how late I discover your site. As soon as I open it, I fell in love with these beautiful photos. Seriously, you really have some thought-after posts that combine people, fashion, illustration and most of all, art, together! Thanks for sharing the beautiful information :)

  2. Thank you. And thanks for introducing me to your blog!

  3. i'm amazed by the sophistication and subtlety of this editorial.
    better than teenVOGUE, ELLEgirl, blah blah blah by a long shot. great cover too. the brush-stroked type-font is very of the moment yet timeless.
    ever on top of the trends, ha ha, i've worn my hair in a braid since age 5. what can i say i'm very attached, literally.
    beautiful and insightful post as usual. bravo!

  4. I believe the fashion editor for that story was Andrea Linett...