Tuesday, June 10

POPLife Vol 1 Issue 4 (2006)

Issue: Pop Life Vol 1 Issue 4 (2006)
Editorial: Virtual Photographed by Kelly Bruggema
Stylist: Keith Washington

As the companion to metro.pop magazine, POPLife was the "home/design magazine for the rest of us." POPLife fused design and decor with fashion and style, and was every bit as entertaining as metro.pop. It contained a perfect mix of high-end and low-end design options I could imagine surrounding myself with in my home. I sent in $14 for a subscription, and was so excited to see the first issue in my mailbox. It never came. POPLife's existence was too short. I still look for it in my mailbox or in the racks of my bookstore....hoping it just might pop up again.


  1. Too bad your subscription didn't come. From the looks of this, it would have been great! Those photos make up a great fantasy life.

  2. morgane le fay paired with converse - i was in heaven too. i still have volume 1, issue 4. no hard feelings that they disappeared after michael and i exchanged some emails about a potential article. *sigh*

  3. enc, and I didn't get my $20 back...lol!

    editor, I always imagined people who worked for POPLife went on to work for Domino...POPLifes demise and Dominos start up were too close together for me???

  4. could be - we could compare mastheads. domino is sooooooo different though. i just took domino as being part of lucky's natural expansion. they had a formula that worked, so they wanted to capitalize on that. everyone wanted to capitalize on it (shop etc. didn't quite get it right though).

  5. it was a good mag to work for but due to publishing 2 magazines Metro/POP life at the same time to much with 2 little staff/funds. Fashion/modern furniture is a great concept!