Sunday, August 3

In Fashion Fall 1993: Feature One

Urban Outfitters 1993

In 1993 Urban Outfitters had 14 stores. 14!?! In Fashion listed Urban's 'hot' items of '93 , so lets take a look and see what we find in stores today.....

Cardigans, check

'Granny Sweaters,' check

Sweater Vests, check

Stove-pipe pants and hip-slug jean, check

Chokers and hats, check

Flannel, check

Logger Boots, check

Not much has changed.


  1. Most of that stuff has been around since the '80s, too. Things hang on, don't they?

  2. brilliant!
    the simple truth, with proof.
    now i wish i could override the circuitry in my brain that tells me i need to replace stuff with "new" stuff that is really the same stuff.