Wednesday, August 27

Magazine Library: Phase 1

Magazines have been safely moved and now the fun begins @ the new apartment.


  1. I am a mag-head too. Crazy girl. Never throw them out!

  2. I threw out alll of my magazines when i moved. I just cant read old mags.. it feels like old news! LOVE big coffee table books though :)

  3. That is the biggest pile of paper I've ever seen! Well done!

  4. OMG
    lets hang out and be bffsss.


  5. how far back does your collection go? Do you have that Vogue from the mid-early 90s with that amazing shoot by Helmut Newton of Nadja Auermann in ridiculous high heels and wheelchairs and stuff?

  6. laia, i'll remember that when its time for me to move again! i'll fly you in from ny. lol.

    the core collection begins in 93 with vouge, bazaar, and elle. i do have sporatic earlier issues from the 80s and early 90s.
    i didn't realize i was collecting until the british vouge 'gold' issue and i put it in plastic after i read it. after that i never threw away a flaunt, dazed & confused, metro.pop, nylon, british elle & vouge, lucky (it used to be good), etc....
    i do have the nadja/helmut photo spread.....i'll find it for you, just might be a minute.

    phone/ news is old news! fashion history repeats itself sooner than you think.

    enc...i'll be sorting out the pile....stay tuned!

  7. O.M.G.
    in a good way.

  8. That's an impressive collection!

  9. that is amazing. my collection of tear sheets starts somewhere around 94/95, i would've liked to have kept them all but they were getting to be too much so i just cut out all the ads and editorials that I like, which i still have. the newton one mustve gotten lost in the shuffle somewhere :(

    but the truth is that ive been trolling ebay to buy some of the old issues that i know i loved because i want to have them.

    i cannot stop looking at this picture.

  10. laia, if you haven't already, check out i too troll ebay, especially for old flaunts. but when i find a 'grail' on pursuits i snatch it.

    even more nerdy, i have quite a few years indexed! and i have also lost some due to moving or damage. i cringe at the thought of what i lost!

    i'll post more photos as i get more organized.

    glad there is someone else out there who loves magazine too...

  11. Hmm, I wonder how those lovely magazines got all moved there? That musta took some great amount of effort.