Sunday, September 28

Magazine Library: Phase Two

Magazine Tower One

Above, British Vogue and Elle. Years 1996 to Present

Magazine Tower Two

Above, American Vogue, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar. Including years 1990 thru 1999

Phase One has been sorted, and the organization continues.


  1. I'm proud of you, and in awe. You sorted everything out, and found a very economical way to store and display everything. Wow.

  2. where did you find the beautiful shelving?

    i'm amazed by your fashion forethought and organizational skills! this is where i start kicking my younger self for cutting up and throwing out a vast number of old mags. i remember once in like the 4th grade wading knee-deep through my magazine explosion in the bottom of my closet and my rents being freaked out by spiders and forcing me to throw out my cut-outs and boxes of mags overflowing in the garage. i was traumatized at the time but looking back i find it comical.
    fortunately i had the good sense to keep a few '92, some 93 and good majority of 94, 95 (some reason the best year for me)through the current time.

  3. the shelves are from crate and barrel about 6 yrs ago. i have seen similar styles at cb2 recently.

    ellastica, i feel your pain! oh boy, 95 is a great year...i would have a hard time choosing between the years 91 & many classic issues.

  4. this is like porn for me. i love it!

    1995 was a great year. 95 to 97 pretty much made me the way I am.