Sunday, October 19

The Curse of the Magazine Library

I haven't been caught up with current reading since June!


  1. seriously?
    and how often do you go back and peruse past ones? do you wait until you're thinking of a particular image or need specific inspiration, or do you regularly go back?

  2. editor, i go back pretty close on a daily basis. since i was reorganizing after my move, i was able to revisit more than usual, which explains the backlog i face today. majority of the time i connect a current image with a past image because i look back so often and have been for so long. so its usually the present at random that sparks my memory.

    enc, i added 4 new mags just today!

  3. it drives me crazy when i have a pile of magazines that i havent read. september got a little out of hand, but i got caught up.

  4. i think that is wonderful.
    how does living with the past of fashion, in your present, effect your shopping/taste?

  5. i love your question. i've thought about this subject a lot recently, and i have so many answers.....
    being familiar with the past has kept me away from trends. i buy what i love and try not to shop for items i 'need.' i am interested in color and drape and materials and stitching and zippers or buttons....oh my, you probably get the picture. all those details i remember from my favorite images i look for when i shop.

  6. i think that your library might just be the best shopping asset a person can have. if a magazine is good, is legitimately good and wonderful and stimulating, than looking at it the day it hits the newsstand, or looking at it 5 years after makes no difference in terms of the pleasure i get from looking at it.
    re. the magazine shop i recommended in ny, the title list they show on line is NOT the complete list of their stock.