Thursday, October 16

Inbox Knockout

myolee Fall/Winter 2008 cardigan....

.....early addition.....
Love this cardi so much, I overlooked the pile of magazines the model is sitting on, nice touch.


  1. bravo for your blog, I still haven't browsed through all the amazing stuff you have posted but I inted to. On a more personal note, what is the image used for your icon (the all black silhouette seen from the back)? I love it.

  2. Oh, good point! The cardi is great, but I also love the cyan pants.

  3. the icon is guinevere van seenus for a past jil sander ad campaign. i wish i could remember the year...i want ot say late 90s. i connected with the photo instantly, and it helps jil sander is my favorite design house.