Monday, October 13

Nylon February 2001 VS. i-D July 2008

The hype surrounding kaws collaboration with i-D magazine this past July created a highly collectible issue. Take a look at kaws work with Nylon seven years ago, which leaves me speechless today.

Issue: Nylon February 2001
Editorial: the artful dodger (kaws)
Photographed by David Shechter
Model: Danita Angell
Illustrations: kaws


Issue: i-D July 2008
Miscellaneous selections
Illustrations: kaws


  1. god nylon used to be such an amazingly cool magazine. they had different covers for this issue right? cause i have another one.

  2. the golden years of nylon were beautiful. i'm not sure, but when celebs start gracing the covers of fashion mags every month, it's all downhill from there. flaunt would be the exception.

    the hype people created for the i-D issue really wasn't justified. the cover was dope, but i was disappointed with the use of his art throughout the mag. the nylon spread was fresh and clever. looking back i wish i grabbed the other cover you have. darn.

  3. It's all really good to me, regardless of year. I like anything that incorporates mixed-media and that is subversive.