Monday, October 6

Vogue 1982 VS. encens 2008

Oversized coats & jackets in shades of white & cream for the winter months.

Issue: Vogue September 1982
Editorial: The Hit of White
Photographed by Lothar Schmid


Issue: encens, no. 22
Editorial: (white)
Photographed by Olivier Jacquet
Stylist: Samuel Drira
Model: Jandra


  1. What a fascinating connection you make. There are menswear looks, bulk, masculinity.

    Yet there's delicate femininity too.

    Nice one.

  2. there's a majestic, glacial quality to the clothes in the vintage ed.
    who's the model? she's esp striking in the 2nd to last pic. i like the way the lines in the chair back is echoed in the boxy, lined off segments of text.
    yet another thrilling vintage ed!

    ps anyway we can see the vint. covers in full size?
    Isabella is a favorite!

  3. Wow, blast from the past! Nice comparison, gorgeous photos, love your blog!

  4. wow! so into all this! the colors, volume, texture. nice!

  5. no, the model isn't named. i agree, she is perfect for the layout.

    i love both editorials use lines to contrast the fullness of the clothes. the chairs in 1982 and the stairs in 2008.

  6. wow, here i totally prefer the modern version of luxurious creams.