Thursday, November 6

And Yes We Did

The Chicago Sun-Times sold out 100% today in the city of Chicago.
The Sun-Times will make available reprints of Wednesday's paper Thursday morning around the city. Wake up early to grab a copy or copies.....

The Chicago Tribune also sold out 100% today, and I wasn't able to hunt down a copy. The 3,800 vending machines which dispense the Trib's free alter-ego, The Red Eye were empty before 11am.

Print media is not dead.


  1. My husband got a Trib, I was so happy.

    Also, being a graphics person who works totally in the print media, this is a nice thing to hear.

  2. i was so excited to see the trib reprint yesterday's paper also. so i was able to pick up a couple copies. yay.

  3. It never was!


    I'm so happy to have witnessed this bit of history. Let's hope for many years of Obama-ness.