Friday, November 28

Androgyny 04 VS. Nylon September 2001

Issue: Androgyny 04
Editorial: White Project
Photographed by Yuval Han
Stylist: Rachel Cantwell


Issue: Nylon September 2001
Editorial: halo
Photographed by duc liao
Stylist: Masha Orlov


  1. hmmm, very different actually. so much lightness in the androgyny issue. much heavier lines in the nylon shots.

    by the way, what do you think of the

  2. yes, exactly! i love the haziness androgyny used and the definition which came through in the nylon shots. but take away those qualities and you have the same concept.

    i love any site about magazines, and they post great images.....then the same images start to pop up on quite a few sites.....

  3. I love all that white. It all feels very unemotional to me. I'm wondering if that was the desired effect.