Monday, November 10

Keeping Tabs : Dealer de luxe 16 & 17

Recently my magazine purchases piled up, and catching up has been a slow process. New issues are added practically every day to the pile. The growth of my magazine library has seen quite a few delays.
It doesn't help I cannot say no to a magazine. I wake up anticipating which magazine I'll find: an issue I've been waiting on or an entirely brand new title. Even in today's economy I find ways to afford as many mags as I can. I'll cut-back there and find a cut-back over here. What can I say.....I love magazines.
Keeping Tabs will feature the pages of the just-purchased magazines I index for future reference from the magazine library.

Dealer de luxe No. 16

Page 83

Page 102 & 103

Page 127

Dealer de luxe No. 17

Page 50

Page 103

Page 124

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