Thursday, December 4


Japanese magazine subscriptions sent to your mailbox.....IN THE US!!!!

If you cannot find a magazine seller in your area who carries Japanese titles, can help. Choose a magazine, set up an account, subscribe from 3 months to 3 years, and fujisan will make you forget your city still doesn't have any good mag stores.
Two picks I'm starting with....




  1. Such a cool service. In Paris there is a great japanese bookstore where you can find a good selection of mags (albeit really overpriced). I've bought "High Fashion" quite a few time, and it proved a great source of inspiration (also some of the articles were translated to English, always a plus). "So-En" is also a great mag to get in touch with up and coming Japanese designers. I've also discovered "Ecocolo", a nice "lohas" publication that centers on sustainable fashion and beauty.

  2. I feel like every city has a japanese bookstore BUT chicago. there is a japanese grocery store, but their fashion magazine collection is sparse.
    i cannot wait to receive my first issue!

  3. i will probably add on high's a great resource too.

  4. omgd, listen to me, i just bought that issue of fudge today!!!!!
    i'm not kidding. how funny is that!
    i have 2 dozen pages ear-marked!

  5. That's a great idea. Thanks for letting us know.

  6. i'd die for a subscription to nippon vogue or jp aera.
    the 25 ans looked interesting.
    try this:

    ps anyway your links can open up another page instead of paging back?

  7. up & down....i reference this fudge issue DAILY. i love it.

    ella, i LOVE kinokuniya. last time in ny i spent close to 4 hrs one morning there. i go thru withdrawl when i'm back home. i just wish their website was more user friendly.