Monday, December 29

Holiday Heartache

I fell in love with a pair of shoes this fall. A d' ordsy pair made with the textures of my dreams.... the richest satin, the deepest black leather and the most perfect patent cone-shaped heel. When I tried the shoes on, I saw nothing in the mirror but those shoes. I would wear them with everything or nothing. They were simply, pretty.
Yesterday they were 65% off. I did not hesitate, and brought them home.
They were too big. When I took the shoes back to make an exchange for the proper size, I was not ready to let go. But for me to keep the pair of shoes in the box above, I needed one size for my left foot and a smaller size for my right.
It was not meant to be, and my heart has deflated.


  1. That is awful. I hope you took pictures of the shoes so that you can still own the art of them.

  2. oh no! thats where the insoles come in!

  3. ohhh! this is what you were talking about earlier! awww, i feel your pain hehe :(

  4. up&down, i did take photos....the more i took, the more i fell in love with them. now, the photos don't do the shoe justice. it was just that beautiful to me.

    laia, i did contemplate insoles. but the right shoe not only felt big it looked big, and every other step my heel slipped out. the sales person was very close to turning her back and letting me 'accidently' mix sizes....but that would have caused heartache for someone else.

    rose, now you know why i need to buy one of your pieces....the readyset might be the only thing that will cheer me up!

  5. it's really hard, so so hard when you appreciate an item's design that much. and for it to not work over such a stupid (excuse me) reason...huge disappointment.