Sunday, December 14

Keeping Tabs: Elle January 2009

The January issue of Elle is worth picking up and keeping.

Cover: Simple and stunning. YSL overshadows Beyonce, and since this is a fashion magazine, that is exactly how it should be.

Page 138 thru 147: Christopher Niquet styles Masha Orlov. Possibly the best editorial in a US mag in months.

Page 148 thru 157: Luscious Lanvin against the seedy lounge look.

Page 158 thru 163: Ciara models MaxMara looking fresh and new.


  1. oh hot!

    i like your thoughts on beyonce vs YSL. true, here she is model, not celebrity.

  2. The issue looks inspired! I'll go investigate. Thanks for the tip.

  3. boy, with a recommendation like that...i'll reconsider my intolerance of us magazines, but i'm not making an promises.

  4. ;)....editor, just take a look at it at least. the editorials are good. but elle still needs to work on their fugly fonts and crowded page layouts, among other things.....
    ....and i am so tired of celebrities on the cover of everything!