Sunday, January 18

3 Reasons to Love...

Claudia Schulz Hats

1. Made-to-order.
2. Keeps my head warm in -6 temps for three days in a row.
3. Has helped make winter wonderful.


  1. oooo nice.
    went to her site - love the june hat. ultimately though i'm a sucker for a crushable, washable beanie.

  2. tres chic.
    it looks like pony skin but it's probably made from some other sensible, humane source like felt
    (two materials i'm fascinated by)?
    this would be a nice cover for my perpetual bedhead. i usually grab a scarf like headband for that purpose, though it's certainly not nearly as polished.

  3. holy hat wonderfulness! i am WICKED jealous!!! gotta check that site. now i'm curious about editor's fave.
    looks like a gorgeous sweater and perfect complement with le chapeau.

  4. up & down, i love the bill she used throughout the 08 collection.

    ella, it is a fur felt material. it is the #1 reason i fell in love with the hat. texture, texture, texture!

    rose, merci beaucoup!