Wednesday, January 7

Marie Claire January 2003 VS. Marie Claire February 2009

Nina Garcia has been fashion director at her new home, Marie Claire, for 2 1/2 issues already, but I noticed her authority take over with the Feruary 09 issue.

January 2003: Renee Zellweger in a Versace dress I cannot see.

February 2009: Renee again, in Antonio Berardi (who showed one of the best SS 09 collections)

2003: 101 Ideas, horribly generic.

2009: 101 Ideas, textbook runway-to-realway. I must have the Dries skirt!

2003: Luxury for under $100 w/ prices.

2009: Luxury for less.

New Addition: Nina tore into the '101 Ideas' chunk of MC and added (my favorite new heading) 'Fashion Revival', which updates iconic trends of the past.

2003: Feature One, blah

2009: Feature One, the power of YSL.

2003: Feature Two, blah

2009: Feature Two, photographed by Kelly Klein

New Addition: More accessories. The Louis Vuitton collection by Sofia Coppola photographed by Andrew Durham.

2003: Splurge vs. Steal, bra-for-bra and panty-for-panty.

2009: Splurge vs. Steal, mix-it-up, because that is how we wear it in real life.

Even the beauty features improved with more substance, because I want to know WHY I should buy Armani's new eye cream.


Thank you, Nina!


  1. Interesting! I knew Nina mainly from appearing on Project Runway (ahem)... I have flipped through MC but never bought as it seemed indeed very blah. Love the Kelly Klein image- the Annie Hall combination of mannish clothes, long skirt and Converse is fantastic.

  2. That Kelly Klein editorial is the best thing I've seen in that magazine in years.

  3. more than just improved, it's actually buyable now. i haven't bought mc in ... over a decade - do they still put a current event article in there with gruesome details about human rights atrocities? because i really prefer my fashion and my news separate. i mean i'm happy/grateful when the nytimes or financial times covers fashion, but i don't like it the other way around, with reality creeping in among the decadence of fashion.
    that sweater, does it say inhabit? that is beautiful.

  4. le club, now is the time to flip thru mc again! charlene is right, kelly klein's editorial is gorgeous. the dusty pale hues klein uses are beautiful. it was with that feature i was convinced nina would be successful.

    editor, gasp! that sweater is exactly why i posted that page (and besides mc hammer). it is inhabit, and i am in love it's shade of gray, texture and sleeves.....
    there was one 'international report', instead of the half-dozen as before nina. i noticed more health and self-improvement articles.

  5. w/ Nina's MC cross-over i can see aspects of Joe Zee's ELLE.
    she's done a nice job stream-lining while also mixing things up by juxtoposing different images, themes and cultural references for the fashion segments. less stale, cookie-cutter, Spiegel catalogue. altho i have to admit i'll miss the simple, corny color-themed, beauty pages.
    Nina's aesthetic seems pretty derivative but then again i've never really followed her all that closely either. the fashion eds i've yet to get excited by but the cover image is a breath of fresh air!

  6. I was looking through the january issue the other day (i was trying to see if my store had gotten any press) and was so so impressed at how rad the fashion in it was. At first I was like WTF?, until I remembered that Nina was there now. HUGE difference. I hope it works out really well for them.

  7. ;) great minds think alike.