Monday, January 12

Marisa Tomei 1994

Issue: Harper's Bazaar September 1994
Editorial: Making Up Marisa
Marisa Tomei photographed by Wayne Maser


  1. As a teenager, I remember taping and watching religiously the series A Different World for Marisa Tomei & Lisa Bonet's outfits...

  2. 14 years ago? that's a long time.
    the bottom picture doesn't look anything like her and i can't decide why, or what it is that they subtracted to turn her into a face/poser/model instead of a celebrity. i don't think it's a positive accomplishment, unless, i suppose, this picture is closer to who she is than who i think she is. for all i know, that's the case.

  3. its her eyebrows. the stylist was 'transforming' her brows during the interview.

    i watch the reruns of a different world. its fabulous.

  4. i'm thinking it's the closed mouth actually.

  5. she's got a unique charm. i like this actress. these are gorgeous pics of her. really show off her beauty. maybe that pic is unusual cuz we see her totally dead on, frontal style. and her face is kinda all about her shapely profile- her nose, the way her lips come out. maybe?

    and omg i totally forgot she was on DW! ha