Monday, January 26

Twisted: Interview February 2009 & Harper's Bazaar September 1994

Lipstick, check, eyeliner, check, ice-cold eyes, check.

Kate gets the lead-in ad both years: Versace in '09 and Calvin Klein back in '94.

No matter the year, there will be sparkle.

Issue: Interview February 2009


Issue: Harper's Bazaar September 1994


  1. a. you are amazing.
    b. this is totally wild!

  2. so many things to love...
    still the most wicked Harper's Bazaar cover ever! and count 3 pertinent, concise, unique to that issue, lines of cover text. really glad you kept so many prime HB issues.
    lohan's best cover. however, not feeling the new 'mask of zoro' style Interview logo. tacky.
    Great examples of eye-catching, minimal text covers and out of the box celeb cover.
    Glenda still driving me NUTS!!!
    but Fabien still stellar with his revamp of Interview!
    remember the similar shock of blue w/ELLE's July '96 Chrystele St Louis Augstin cover? possible issue rewind request?!? mine is long gone...

  3. ella, i will never forget the impact that hb had on me when i picked it up from the mailbox. wicked.

    i definately can rewind to the elle july 96. thanks for the request!

    i love the new interview. i really enjoy reading it again.