Monday, February 2

Kenzo, Kenzo, Kenzo

Issue: Dealer deluxe No. 18
Editorial: Kenzo-Marras
Photographed by Danielle Fona
Kenzo styled by Muriel Quoix
Hair: Audrey Lambert
Make-up: Carole Hannah


  1. this is crazy, i just can't ahhhh! what to say! i could just die now. what? too beautiful i can't take it!!! this is all so beautiful i could cry...

  2. i love love love the 5th from the top. only that one.

  3. editor, what is it about that one photo you admire? the dress or the photo itself?

    just being familiar with the fall 08 collection, i enjoy seeing the dresses in motion other than walking down the runway.

  4. because i can tell from that picture that i would wear it. :)
    (i didn't realize that i was already following your blog and i signed up again, and then i fixed the goof up. i'm sooooo tech-savvy.)

  5. he's no kenzo but marras is boss.
    sometimes he's got too much goin on but his patterns are always beautifully bold. photo 1 looks sorta cavalli-esque, no? esp love that x-mas tree dress thing in photo 2. i'd never have the courage to wear something that busy but i do love it.
    for the longest time i had a clipping of antonio on my fridge where him and my hubby looked like twins.