Tuesday, March 17

Jil Sander & Uniqlo...

...the ultimate permanent collaboration. Especially if it is anything close to what follows.

Issue: Elle September 1995
Story: Jil Sander
Photographed by Gilles Bensimon
Styled by Natalia Canellas
Worn by Kristen McMenany
Make-Up: Fran Cooper
Hair: Michael Tammaro


  1. i haven't visited uniqlo in a while. do their collaborations create the same hysteria that the h&m ones seem to? i would happily miss out on the perfect anything just to not experience that. i can't stand when clothing, even when it's excellent design, is turned into a gimmick.

  2. #1 This is perfection.
    #2 Kristen McMenamy YESSSS

  3. i guess you could say they do. i heard the phillip lim colabo was an utter distaster. the pieces went to press and insiders and was sold out before the line even hit the stores. but i don't know if that is uniqlos fault or the hype-sters who line up for days to buy a piece of clothing that they may not even truly like.
    however, uniqlo hired jil as a creative director of sorts. she will oversee the mens & womens lines and design a capsule collection each season strictly of her own design.
    jil wrote the definition of the modern-day colabo when she worked with puma, way back when. mostly jil sander fans paid any attention. but its 15 years later. yesterday the news of jil & uniqlo was one of the top 'twittered' stories. now, i don't get the need to be the first to break a story, but maybe people just adore jil sander. not just the name, but the designer herself. i have faith jil wouldn't have teamed up with uniqlo if she did not feel they wouldn't honor that attitude.
    i cant wait to see how it all goes down!