Monday, July 20

Ready, Set, Move

The blog has been a bit quiet. I'll be back after my magazines and I settle into my new place!


  1. so is that the entire collection there in the pickup?! good luck with the move xx

  2. minus the 5 new issues i bought last night, it is the entire collection. there were about 80 more mags in the front seat just keeps growing and growing.

  3. this may sound crazy, but i almost can't believe this is everything. your resources are so vast, it feels like it ought to take 2 trucks, at least.
    i hope the move goes smoothly, and i really look forward to seeing how you store/display everything.

  4. up/down, hopefully i'll be at my new place long enough the collection will grow into two truckloads. Altho, then no one will help me move all those mags!

  5. That's a treasure trove of images that need to be scanned.

    So many older magazines were lost before scanners and internet was around.

    Please, please, please scan those magazines before they go to never-seen-again land.