Saturday, August 29

Keeping Tabs...While Moving

The magazine library is still in chaos, but I still cannot stop adding to the piles in my house. Here are the best pages from this summer's issues.

Dazed & Confused #76: Gorgeous shape AND texture.

Italian Vogue July 09: True glamour via McMenamy and Meisel

Fudge September 09: More beautiful shape and texture, loose and glowing.

Elle September 09: The mix of silence and movement.

Elle UK September 09: Dress-up casually.

British Vogue August 09: Its all about the shoes!

Dealer de luxe #20: Its all about the shoulders.


  1. the ensemble for the sept. elle photo is so awful that i am (perhaps stupidly) distracted from the very nice movement and beautiful colors.
    how was that mcmenamy issue? i was very curious.


  2. ha!

    the mcmenamy it. vogue was cool. she is just stunning any way you look at her. i liked the linda issue a tad more. since it was clearly influenced by penn.