Saturday, September 19

Collections: 2010 SS RTW New York

What I would Wear Straight Off the Runway

Its All in the Turquoise

Are You Sheer Yet?

If In Doubt, Wear a Taupe Dress

Miss You Forgot Your Pants

Grapes of Spring

Nothings Shocking

Three Cheers For Lim and Wearability


  1. i'm not ready. i like to be in the here and now. i want to think about fall. not even winter yet. i'm in 2009 still. for a while.

  2. It's fun to look so far ahead.

    It's technically "fall" now, if you look at the calendar, but that's not how it feels where I live. The Santa Anas are here, making the temps 80-90, I could be wearing all that Spring stuff right now. I could, theoretically, skip fall altogether.