Sunday, September 6

Inspire Us To Shop

Issue: British Vogue September 2009
Story: More Dash Than Cash
Photographed by Paul Wetherell
Stylist: Lucinda Chambers & Emma Elwick
Make-Up: Lucia Pica
Hair: Luke Hersheson
I love this More Dash Than Cash feature in this month's British Vogue. The stylists present an uncomplicated view of the season's key pieces. The editorial doesn't talk down to me, nor does any page scream cheap. Instead my mind recognizes familiar pieces in my closet which I'll mix up with new items I'll keep my eye out for when window shopping.

Even the September issue of Fudge lays out imaginative options to original outfit combinations.

But below are a couple pages of the September Lucky, and its a bit tired. Maybe its the fact fonts get more attention then clothes. Or maybe in this case repetition is boring. Or maybe there comes the day when women realize style comes from inspiration and not check lists.


  1. I love this issue! It's young and classy!

  2. that more dash than cash edit looks super cool.

  3. suvi looking very aaron de may, dare i say. great styling. that first shot of her is amazing.

    i never see clothes in magazine's i'd actually want to wear anymore. inspiring images sure, but the garmets themselves rarely speak to me. part of the reason i've stopped all magazine subscriptions. but looking at your blog does inspire hope.

  4. ella, i agree. i use the images i to fine tune my own style. that could explain why i can't stop buying magazines, since i sense my style is always developing. i rarely find specific garments i go out and search for in stores. its usually the opposite, and when i find a piece in a store a particular magazine shot flashes in my mind. crazy.

  5. After I saw this, I considered cutting off the sleeves of an old tweed blazer. I love when a magazine gives ideas without dictating, or just presenting total runway looks from a single designer.