Thursday, October 22

ElleUK April 2004 VS. Corduroy no. 4

Issue: ElleUK April 2004
Story: First Crush
Photographed by Iain R Webb
Stylist: Iain R Webb
Make-Up: Linda Ohrstrom
Hair: Martyn Gayle


Issue: Corduroy no. 4
Story: Follow You Follow Me
Photographed by Anna Wolf
Stylist: Kristen Naiman
Hair & Make-Up: Junko Kioka


  1. great clothes in both, but no one was even trying to fake chemistry in these shoots. the top picture with the legs, and the girl standing on the books, it set up my expectation of flirtations but it feels instead like the models were told to act like siblings instead of crushes.

  2. i felt that from both edits. i thought that was interesting. magazines usually promote sex-appeal and both of these stories were so unsexy. but it does make you look more at the clothes, which is the point, right?