Friday, October 16

The Good Stuff Outta 1988

Issue: Sassy September 1988
Story: Big Bottoms
Photographed by William Garrett
No Stylist Credits
Make-Up: Bobbi Brown
Hair: Maxie


  1. Oh, Sassy! I missed out on Sassy, because I thought I was "too old". Crazy.

    I kind of still dress like this. Is that really bad?

  2. I loved it back then, and I still love all this menswear-type stuff now.

  3. Hi How lucky that I found your blog.
    I am doing MA in fashion, amazing source for research.
    Thank you and love to see more of old stuff as everything now is based on something in the past, just like your red jacket and YSL. Thank you so much for this fantastic archive again.