Wednesday, December 2

December Issue: Marie Claire December 2006

Story: Covered Girls
Photographed by Raphael Mazzucco
Stylist: Tracy Taylor
Make-Up: Charlotte Day
Hair: Louis Angelo

December issues are my favorite. I buy every last one.....sometimes I buy a double by mistake because I forget which ones I bought already. I can't pinpoint exactly why I love the month of December for magazines. So, instead of showcasing one issue from the library, we'll look through a holiday variety!


  1. strange. i generally get annoyed with december issues which waste waaay too much paper on corny shopping guides for items i'd never gift or want to receive. but then again the full out glamour and festive mood can be very transportive; the covers especially.

  2. ooooo...the old elle gift guides were always filled with juicy good gifts. current guides can't even compare. they are quite boring.