Friday, January 1

December Issue: Harper's Bazaar 2003

Fashion has been my savior.
Forget this being my favorite photo from a December issue, or my favorite photo from Harper's Bazaar, or even my favorite photo outta the last decade.....this is my favorite photo of all time.

Linda Evangelista and Christian Lacroix photographed by Jean-Paul Goude

Hope you all had fun kicking out the old year and inviting the new. Happy New Year!


  1. this is absolutely stunning! i can see why it's your all time favorite.

  2. love linda and lacroix!

    remember ashley judd on the april 2001 cover of HB? the stuff of dreams. a definite decade fashion highlight for me.

  3. have you seen this? you HAVE to see this:,251971/

    (and happy new year)

  4. i love it! thank you for sharing. i feel so glam after watching it!