Wednesday, February 24


For me, fashion [is] also geology — you cannot understand now if you don’t know anything about last ten years of fashion at least. Someone doesn’t even remember Tom Ford, what that means. It’s so easy to forget in fashion. "Oh, this is brand-new." It’s not brand-new, it’s just an evolution of what it was.

Anna Dello Russo to New York Magazine.


  1. i LOVE her and i LOVED this interview.

  2. citing Tom Ford is a great example of how limited today's 'fashion education' is. merely skimming the surface of what's thrust in one's face, a mindless yet relentless obsession with consuming 'it', designer logo-ed handbags without giving much thought to the relevancy or potency of a designer like Tom Ford. he really understands this idea of 'fashion evolution' and took it to the next level with his electrifying revival of Gucci in the 90s. his first Gucci collection is burned into my fashion psyche.