Wednesday, March 31

British Vogue April 1997: Feature Two

Issue: British Vogue April 1997
Story: Spice Girl
Photographed by Nick Knight
Stylist: Lucinda Chambers
Make-Up: Fulvia Farolfi
Hair: Sam McKnight

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  1. I've never been a fan of that much sex with my fashion. I'm always disappointed with German, Italian, French Vogues, all with too much nudity for my taste. That's just for me, as a reader. Add to it that not all models are thrilled to be participating in this type of shoot (I can't speak for Amber, but I do like the attempts out there to bring attention to this problem in general, like Sara Ziff's documentary - unchaperoned children put in situations, professional and personal, that are inappropriate and/or illegal), and I am uncomfortable being any part of it (the consumer is always a part of it).
    I am sure there is another side, or a perspective that values something from these shoots. I just like to see clothes, so I will sound maybe like a simpleton when I say that I don't get it.