Thursday, March 25

Vogue June 1996 VS. Marie Claire UK April 2010

Issue: Vogue June 1996
Story: Good Morning Vietnam
Kate Moss photographed by Bruce Weber
Stylist: Brana Wolf
Make-Up: Kay Montano
Hair: Thom Priano


Issue: Marie Claire UK April 2010
Story: Good Morning Vietnam
Photographed by Kim Myers Robertson
Stylist: Sarah Christie
Make-Up: Eli Wakamatsu
Hair: Tim Crespin


  1. i remember that first one. it IS f---ing brilliant.

  2. Oh my was me, the only small girl who wore AIKIDO uniform on cover page on 1996. I didn't know who Kate Moss is..I went for a photoshoot with my class and just know there is a blonde model with super slim body. I tried to ask them sending me the magazine after finishing the photoshoot and i've been waited forever since then. 16 years passed

  3. this is fantastic! i am happy i was able to help you find your photos after all this time. literally amazing you found the post! amazing...