Thursday, May 27

Vogue March 2005 VS. Elle August 2007

Issue: Vogue March 2005
Story: Dolled Up
Photographed by Raymond Meier
Stylist: Elissa Santisi


Issue: Elle August 2007
Story: Toy Story
Photographed by Jesse Frohman
Stylist: Kate Lanphear


  1. love those balenciaga shoes that almost look like legos from elle magazine...was just thinking about this editorial the other day. lovely post! :)

  2. raymond and elissa strike again! even if i don't necessarily think their collabs are new or original or speaks to me aesthetically I still love how the meshing of personalities shines through in their work.

    for some reason i can not take kate lanphear seriously. maybe it's the strung out hot topic burn out vibe i get from her? or that she looks like that annoyingly with it little boy in Love Actually...