Sunday, July 18

I Will MIss HIgh Fashion

As soon as I discovered High Fashion, it was gone.  Shamefully discontinued without warning.  Luckily, the fabulous Japanese superstore, Kinokuniya, found backstock for me and I could not refuse the bounty.  Below are snapshots of pages from various issues.

December 2009 Cover, Evolution of Hermes Issue.

The elegant Table of Contents pages.

Each issue is devoted to a particular designer: their history, their progress, and their current state.  High Fashion was a bi-monthly text book for anyone craving magazines filled with more then ads and p.r.

The designer spotlights are amazing.  Exquisite styling and photography.
Hermes above.

 Prada, October 2008

Prada again, April 2009

Sacai, February 2009

Comme des Garcons, April 2009

And Comme des Garcons, April 2010

Paul Smith, October 2009

The interviews are in-depth and invite you into the designer's world.  I am mesmerised by the Japanese font and luckily the interviews are also printed in English.
Miuccia Prada


20 Question for Sacai and Toga

The designer's collaborators are not forgotten.  Above the interview with CDG collaborator Julien Y's.

Taking a que from Interview, designers talk to each other.
Raf Simons and Valerie Steele talk to Muiccia.

The historical time lines are fascinating.

 Hermes scarfs from 1942 to 2009

The Sacai archives

The projects of Mika Ninagawa.  Absolutely explosive.

The magazine took trips to visit the stores where the collections are sold and to the factories where the clothes are constructed.
 The Prada Factory in Arezzo

 Prada Aoyama store

 The offices of Hermes

Then there are the shopping pages.  The set-ups simple, but effective.  I want it all.

HIgh Fashion didn't forget the male readers.  A good mix of menswear could be found in each issue.

But for me the grand finale was always the runway pages.  Never a dull selection of the runway's best looks.

And just a few of my favorite looks I'll wear in a heartbeat.  Looks I couldn't find from any other magazines, and now I won't find anymore period.  High Fashion I already miss you.


  1. miuccia lookin hot!

    who shot the cover ed? and the rest of the team for the hermes shoot?
    i can feel that buzz, that excitement the magazine creates just by looking at the photos you took. there are very few magazines that do that for me anymore. so many great ideas, themes, people behind this. seems like such a well executed and well rounded magazines. what a shame! and to think of the schlock that does survive in the magazine biz...
    thanks for sharing.