Thursday, August 5

Androgyny Story: Images, Nylon Magazine

Before it's fashion features got pushed to the back and forgotten, Nylon, was notoriously androgynous. It clicked with readers during a time when other glossies portrayed models as goddesses or delicate shells.  When really, we just wanted to see someone real.  Nylon got it.

Hannelore, Nylon March 2000

Anouck, Nylon September 2000

Fanni, Nylon Dec/Jan 2001

Grace, Nylon June/July 2002

Arlette, Nylon August 2002

Diana, Nylon March 2003

Rohini, Nylon April 2003


  1. NYLON used to be so so awesome. I was thinking exactly about this when I was back at home since that's where all of them are. i usually look through all of them about once every other year to refresh my memory of its awesomeness.

  2. don't you miss it?
    i can't stop buying it tho. i keep thinking the old nylon will be back with every new issue. it hasn't happened yet.

  3. Arlette Monkewitz. love her too.

    NYLON used to use the best models before they made it big. same with everything else. instead of merely following they'd break the trends. one of those magazines with that buzz. now they're a glossified version of TV Guide.