Monday, September 13

Elle September 1990: Feature Four

aaahhh, Alaia. And isn't Helena just simply gorgeous??

Issue: Elle September 1990
Story: The Alaia Report
Photographed by Gilles Bensimon
Stylist: Carine Roitfeld (awesome. this is why i love vintage mags.)
Make-Up: William Faulkner
Hair: Guilaume


  1. Ohh I get heartpangs looking at those early 90s Elle magazines. That's the magazine I honed my fashion teeth really lost it's bite in the late 90s when it chose to be a glossy celebrity magazine instead which was a shame. I loved seeing all the supermodels on the cover.

  2. freya, thank you for your comment. I am such an admirer of your blog.
    i agree with your thoughts. i was so smitten with elle throughout my teenage years. my mom and i had subscriptions to all the mags, but i was most excited when elle showed up in the mailbox. giles bensimon allowed my to escape to places i thought i would never see.
    although i am disappointed more and more each month with the present day elle, i still can't stop my subscription. i have faith someone will wake up in the elle offices to stop it from becoming another 'in style' magazine.