Saturday, October 23

Artober : holy child

I'm not one for words. I usually let the photos tell their stories. But right now, I am feeling quite the opposite, and would like to tell you how I felt as I opened up Holy Child (vol. 2 issue 1) zine today. Proud, because I have the first copy. Frenzied, because I couldn't read it fast enough. In awe, of every image used to build each page. (Louise Books. Genius.) Esteem, because Laia of Geometric Sleep created a beautiful zine for all of us who love fashion. Justified, because I have known all along
 fashion can inspire art, lead to art, is art. 
  Holy Child proves it, because it is a piece of art.
That is all I have to say.
So click here to buy your copy and let the pages tell their story.