Saturday, November 20

Sweater Weather: Sweater Happy

I love when Terry Richardson was doing fashion stories, and he wasn't so distracted by naked people as he is today. There is such a prudish appeal to these early Richardson photos. If it wasn't for the gorgeous leg shots, I wouldn't have believed he had taken them.

Issue: Harper's Bazaar August 1997
Story: Sweater Happy
Photographed by Terry Richardson
Stylist: Tonne Goodman
Makeup: Francisco Valera
Hair: Johnnie Sapong


  1. tonne and terry!

    i love everything about this.

  2. "distracted by naked people" LOL!
    jen that line made my day. so true! looking at his images nowadays it's hard to believe that terry actually has class and a worldy, insightful mind that's waaay beyond the sleaze fest he's always promoting. what a shame cuz he's got such a discerning eye for fashion and talent for capturing beauty in the unexpected. i'm sure you remember kate's 'evel knievel' ed terry shot?
    loving all of the glorious sweater editorials.