Tuesday, December 7

Stylist Spotlight: Anne-Marie Curtis Elle UK March 2007

Anne-Marie Curtis is my favorite Fashion Director/Stylist, and the featured editorial pretty much sums up why.

1. Less is more.
One killer accessory. And its not jewelry.

2. Let the garment talk.
I think, well, I'm pretty sure actually, if I saw these pieces on the rack, I wouldn't even give them a second glance. Just not my style. But here, on these pages, I want it all. I am going to wear it all exactly like this. Especially the second-to-last photo, exactly like that.

3. Color is life altering.
A color palate will seduce you. This is a fact.

These themes will stand true with each Curtis editorial I share. You'll see.

Issue : Elle UK March 2007
Story: True Romance
Photographed by Nagi Saki
Stylist: Anne-Marie Curtis
Makeup: Munemi
Hair: Pasquale Ferrante

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