Tuesday, February 8

Harper's Bazaar Best Covers 1867-2011

I could not wait another day to pick up Harper's Bazaar Best Covers 'book-a-zine', and it does not disappoint.  A timeline of Bazaar's most celebrated covers, artists, photographers and models.
It is a glamorous fashion history textbook for all magazine enthusiasts.
The first cover in 1867

Including the illustrated covers by Etienne Drian and George Barbier.

The lavish 20s done by Erte.

 A.M. Cassandre takes the 30s through a surreal ride.

 Seriously, his oxfords for the 1939 Resort cover could fit right in with today's resort fashions.

The collage style of Herbert Bayer for August 1940.

The 40s saw the introduction of the live model on Bazaar's covers.
Above, Betty Becall (before she was Lauren) on the cover of March 1943. 

 The black & white graphic style of the 60s photographed by Avedon, Hiro, James Moore and Melvin Sokolsky. 

Frickin' fantastic Geoffrey Beene sequined jersey dresses in 1967. 

The popular denim-on-denim style of the 70s by Jim Hamilton.

Yes, here comes big everything on the covers of the 80s and lots and lots of make up.

My personal favorite cover of all time.  Linda on the cover of September 1992. 

The friendship between Liz Tilberis and Diana must have been so elegant and honest.  I look at these two covers and think one thing, ICON.

And although its silly Katy Perry, I believe 2010's December issue was truly iconic.  Available as  a subscription only cover, it was the first cover from the entire decade I was in awe of.  I hope Bazaar continues on the upswing with creative and breathtaking covers.


  1. beautiful post...all those covers are amazing! I too was actually surprised by how much I liked that december cover with katy perry...it felt very richard avedon to me...I think that's why I liked it :)

  2. i do like the katy perry cover too. i think its a good current version of the original vogue cover from the 50s. its grittier and the expression in her eyes is more vulnerable.


  3. I just got this today and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. So amazing. Such a good find!