Tuesday, March 29

Blog Short Lists

This weekend a friend asked for some of my favorite fashion blogs.  On the spot, there were just too many to mention.  I mean, I scroll through about 400 subscriptions on Google Reader and close to 200 on tumblr .  But I knew there were a select few blogs I looked forward to reading everyday.  After I gave some thought to a couple short lists, why not make it an official post.

These ladies had my respect from day one, and inspired me to start readysetfashion three years ago.
5. le club du style wrote of the exact topics I wanted to read on.  It is a treat when she posts.
4. up and downtown is my favorite daily fashion chronicle.  I don't like it when she doesn't post.
3. Because garance dore's illustrations were beautiful and then she began to take photos that where equally as beautiful.
2. Who hasn't style bubble inspired??
1. And cause she's the 1 and only.....geometric sleep.  She proves you can be 100% genuine in the fashion industry.

The second group are recent discoveries who I am smitten with on a daily basis.
6. sisters in black frocks are always elegant with pictures and words.
5. This is my sister, good one karin.  She needs to post more often.
4. Artist Jeana Schon has been a blogger since '07 and her closet visit series is addictive.  It is a beautiful, beautiful personal style site.
3. I think we all know man repeller.  She's making all the right moves.
2. miss moss will entice at least one if not all of your fashion senses.
1. I don't even have the words to describe how cool the girls of liger store are everyday.  Hilary the actress, Dorothy the entrepreneur, and Ling the stylist all will blow your mind and inspire you too, to step up your game.  No joke.

tumblr is an intense, purely visual collection of images from a very cryptic group of individuals.  My favorites are just a good start for your first visit to tumblr.
5. the epitome of quiet
4. fashion insiders
3. when we were younger and better
2. vogue covers as a reason to live
1. pekori

Hopefully my reads will introduce you to new ones.  Enjoy!


  1. thank you for posting your favorites....we are so honored that you have mentioned us. my sister and I are very much inspired by your blog, everyday, as well. your blog is not only beautiful to look at but so educational...we have learned so much from your postings. keep doing what you are doing! :)

  2. thanks boo!

    i will be checkin some new stuff out as well... <3

  3. ...i'm speechless.
    will put a link to this on my blog tonight, but really, speechless, and so flattered.
    a generous post like this is like a paycheck, but better.

  4. pret a p. i so agree with you! i think you guys would get a long famously.

  5. Thank you for mentioning me! I started reading the post hoping you would, not getting my hopes up too much, and bang!
    I love your blog so much, so this is an honor, lady.

  6. annie, thank you! your tumblr inspired me to begin my own. your archives are amazing. and, really, i am just as honored you read my blog. thank you for the many shout outs!