Saturday, May 14

Frivolous Celebrity Post

I adore Diane Kruger and her guy, Joshua Jackson.
From what I can tell, he seems to always want her to the enjoy the spotlight and she seems to always want him there with her.  Exactly how I suspect all good-looking couples behave.
This image from the Cannes 2011 Red Carpet captures that notion in one brief moment in the spotlight.
Because I'm sure there would be many to hate kicks on the Red Carpet, and at Cannes, of all places.
Even if Diane hated the idea, there he is standing right next to her rocking the look the right way.  Brand-spanking new Lanvin sneakers with no scuffs, no creases, and his pants UNTUCKED (hipsters take note).  
You didn't think he was going to look like a schmuck next to her??
You can read their unspoken respect for each other.  
Arms locked, she doesn't hate sneakers on the red carpet because he is only being who he is and she could care less what the critiques will say.  It matters that he is next to her to enjoy the spotlight together.
Man, what a handsome couple.

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  1. I love them both! And there's no shame in posting a celebrity post! After all some of them really do deserve the spotlight!