Friday, June 17

Stylist Spotlight: Kate Phelan After Dark VS.

Along with Phelan's wardrobe, set design and hair are stellar.
The clothing against it's background come off as delicate and seductive in both stories.
If I looked this good lounging, I'd stay in bed all day.

Issue: British Vogue January 2003
Story: Pillow Talk
Photographed by Karen Collins
Stylist: Kate Phelan
Makeup: Frank Buscarello
Hair: Kevin Ryan
Set Design: Chad Dziewior


Issue: British Vogue November 2004
Story: No Smoke Without Fire
Photographed by Laurie Bartley
Stylist: Kate Phelan
Makeup: Lisa Houghton
Hair: Paul Hanlon
Set Design: Trish Stephenson


  1. i am so obsessed with that no smoke without fire editorial...there is something very tom ford about it...very appealing!

  2. LOVE Vogue! Gorgeous editorial :)