Saturday, June 25

Stylist Spotlight: Kate Phelan and The Long Story

With the chilly temperatures of summer so far, I understand the appeal of the maxi dress or skirt.
A length never out of style due to the maxi's great gift of looking casually glam and hiding goosebumps.
Phelan's mix of feminine dresses and tomboy accents in 2002 come off as the modern day solution to cool summer nights. Take note, because this is exactly how to keep grunge and innocence looking fresh, even 9 years later.

Issue: British Vogue June 2002
Story: The Long Story
Photographed by Corinne Day
Stylist: Kate Phelan
Makeup: Max Delorme
Hair: Neil Moodie


  1. beautifully giselle in that dress with tennis shoes. I love to rock a look like this choice...especially with a pair of adidas!

  2. Even though I'm not necessarily having a cool summer (what with living in Florida) I still continue to wear maxi dresses and skirts. I just love them too much.