Tuesday, June 14

Stylist Spotlight: Kate Phelan

There have been two stylists who shaped my wardrobe more then others:  Melanie Ward and Kate Phelan.  Their pages were the ones I studied, obsessed over,  copied, and I still do today.
But this is about Kate, because she will be leaving British Vogue for Topshop.  After 18 years as Fashion Director at BV, it should be a natural transition to lead Topshop as Creative Director.
Kate's influence will be found on clothes racks instead of glossy paper.
Seems like a prefect time to celebrate the pages of Kate's influence.

Exactly what I picture when I hear 'Kate Phelan and Topshop.' Exactly.

Issue: British Vogue October 2006
Story: The Streets
Photographed by Cedric Buchet
Stylist: Kate Phelan
Makeup: Pep Gay
Hair: Raphael Salley

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  1. This is a great editorial! I have never heard of her! Thanks for the info!