Wednesday, July 27

Lowkey Freshness 3.0

There are those moments while catching up with google reader, tumblr, twitter, the fashion spot, and a pile of magazines I need to step away.  
And collect my thoughts.  
Recognize my own opinions on fashion and style.  
Because it is easy, not to forget, but alter my viewpoint after seeing so many others.  
And after a 5 min break, I flip to a page to reminding me what it is I have always believed since the 5th grade: this world is all about style.
Elle UK May 2011

I love Elle UK for believing in the same idea.
 Even better, the magazine's Style for Less segment expresses that statement in pictures. 
Taking key trends and pieces from the previous pages of fashion spreads and presenting them bare-boned and effortless.
Just like how you would wear them.  

Elle UK August 2009

Elle UK September 2009

Elle UK November 2009

Doesn't it all just seem so simple now?

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