Monday, July 18

Stylist Spotlight: Kate Phelan TwISteD w/ Celine

Don't take this as a surprise.
But our love for Phoebe Philo has been brewing for some time.
Stylists all during the 90s built the foundation for Philo's superbly timed take-over of Celine.
None more then Kate Phelan.  It's eerie.  
She was sneaking around the pages of British Vogue creating the desire for minimal, luxurious, and practical clothing.  Even after the 90s were long gone, we didn't stop craving these pieces.
And then came Philo.  
From day one with Celine she showed us we can still be modern wearing those same pieces.
It borders along the sureal.
Phelan knew we wanted to wear it then and Philo knows we want to wear it now.

(Note the killer Miu Miu bodybag on the right.  I will not rest till I find this.)

Issue: British Vogue March 1999
Story: Urban Action
Photographed by Tom Munro
Stylist: Kate Phelan
Makeup: Lisa Butler
Hair: Ward

TwISteD w/

Celine Spring 2010
Celine Spring 2011
Celine Resort 2010
Celine Resort 2012

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