Saturday, September 24

This Is BIG News

This is September Vogue 1992.  In it was the first article Vogue printed I could relate to, and be part of the conversation.  I was turning 18 and rocking the baggy EVERYthing look daily.  Influenced by hip-hop or the skateboard culture, didn't matter, we all were doing it.  We may not have been buying the brands Vogue mentioned in the spread, but whatever we were wearing, it was big.  Big enough to get into the pages of Vogue.

This is Vogue October 1995.  Three years later and it was the first time I noticed big as beautiful.
'Baggy' was replaced with 'volume.'
And shape became a dominating theme inside my closet.


  1. These scans are amazing. I love the quote by rei kawakubo that talks about cdg being a gift to oneself and not to attract the opposite sex. Perfect.

  2. OMG. The skater pages from 1992... Thank you!!! Me, my cousin, my boyfriend and his friends were totally into this! They didn't believe me it was in Vogue until i brought it to I was wearing a mix of punk, skater, grunge, hippie. I was 15. Sigh.